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T.T.O.-Noordzee vzw

T.T.O.-Noordzee a.s.b.l. is a non-profit association. T.T.O. is, in Dutch, the acronym of TOURISM, TRANSPORT, 
ENTERTAINMENT at the North Sea. It has been founded more than 40 years ago. This association watches over the 
occasional traffic of historical tramways, which have been carefully restored, on the line of modern trams serving the 
coast between Knokke and De Panne, of course harmoniously between the fast white trams of the Flemish transport 
company De Lijn - Vlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij/De Lijn. 
This tram line holds the world record for the longest line based on metric gauge. 
Tourist tramway of the coast – “Tram Des Tijds” 
Since the founding of the association, its main task is to operate and develop activities related to the need of 
touristic trams on the coast (“Tram Des Tijds”). 
Therefore cars (read : several various tractors and trailers) are commissioned, – which are part of the historical 
heritage of De Lijn / META. The latter entrusted the daily management, the maintenance and the upkeep of the 
rolling stock to TTO-Noordzee vzw, which is part of the central agency META. 
The commitment of this heritage is at the request of companies, individuals or public bodies, for groups of all 
composition - small, medium or large - which rent those trams for any use, eg photographic reports, birthday 
parties, school trips, weddings, anniversaries, advertising reports, transportation to and from places of seminars, 


The association has a large number of voluntary collaborators, whose expertise is available. This includes both 
technical levels for all rolling stock and restoration techniques of this material, as well as the history of the 
development of public transport on the Belgian coast. 

Own activities
T.T.O.-Noordzee vzw organizes activities or participates in activities of the different towns along the coast. For over 40 years 
T.T.O.-Noordzeevzw has been a fixed asset of the “Trammelant” event in Den Haan / Le Coq where the public can enjoy 
a walk with open trailers up to “Zwarte Kiezel”. 
Since 2006 T.T.O.-Noordzee vzw organizes, in collaboration with the town of De Panne / De Panne, the annual tramway festival 
“TRAMFESTIVAL” during the Heritage Day. 
All day historical trams are moving from the depot in De Panne toward Adinkerke Nieuwpoort or Koksijde. 
Every weekend in July and August the depot in De Panne is open to the public and journeys between the depot and 
the Adinkerke station are organized with historical equipment. 
In addition, late December, the “Christmas Tram” offers trips between De Panne and Koksijde. Recently the “Easter 
Tramway” has been set on track successfully. 
We hope to welcome you as a visitor at one of our many activities! 

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